District IX Meeting

Date:  November 9, 2005 

Place: Aiello's Cafe

Time: 11:30 AM Lunch, 12:00 PM Meeting


A. (Opening Agenda Items)

                             A1      Roll Call

                             A2      Introduction of Visitors

                             A3      Opportunity for Visitors to Speak

                             A4      Minutes from last meeting

                             A5      Unfinished business from minute


B. (Finance)

                             B1      Treasurer's report

                             B2      Tournament entry fees

                             B3      Financial report (Fall Sports)

                             BA      Finance Committee Meeting (Home school paying exp)

C. (Communication)         

                             C1      Letter from DuBois (Hineman)

                             C2      Oversight Committee Meeting November 1, 2995

                             C3      House Bill 1291

                             C4      Rutledge Letter

                             C5      Rottmann dismissal letter

                             C6      PIAA overturns D-11

                             C7      Senate Bill 361

                             C8      Soccer Litigation (Girls)

                             C9      Steering Committee Meetings/Dates


D. (Chairman Update)

          D1      Strategic Planning Committee November 16, 2005

          D2      Board of appeal November 17, 2005

          D3      State Board Meeting December 8-10, 2005


                   E. (Administrative)

E1      Move meeting week later

E2      Approval of wavers

E3      Approval of foreign exchange

          E3A    Venango Catholic (Judith Meyer)

E4      Meeting with District IX

E5      Election Committee


          F. (Administrative Committees)

                             F1      Audit, no report

                             F2      Athletic Directors, no Report

                             F3      Budget / Financial

                             F4      Policy / Parliamentarian, no report

                             F5      Awards

                             F6      Cheerleading

                             F7      Girls Athletics, no report

                             F8      Junior High / Middle School, no report

                             F9      Officials

                             F10    Merchandising

                   F11    Parents Advisory, no report

                             F12    Private Schools, no report

                             F13    School Boards, no report

                             F14    Sportsmanship, Disqualifications, no report


G. (Sports Specific Committees)

                             G1      Cross Country

                             G2      Golf, no report

                             G3      Football

                             G4      Soccer

                             G5      Tennis, no report

                             G6      Volleyball

                             G7      Basketball, no report

                             G8      Diving and Swimming

                             G9      Wrestling, no report

                             G10    Baseball, no report

                             G11    Softball, no report

                             G12    Track and Field, no report


H.  Next Meeting