Recently honored at a game this spring at Punxsutawney H.S. was Sam Bevak. This year marks 50 years

Sam has been serving the PIAA as an official of basketball, softball, and baseball.

As a little boy, Sam played ball morning, noon, and night with the Adrian boys. When by himself, he would throw

the ball against the house, knocking off shingles. Mom was not too happy. He played little league and teener league

before becoming old enough to play for SSCD in high school. Playing baseball for Superior Meter Works came next

followed by softball. Sam loved sports so much he decided to take the PIAA officiating tests. Thus, he is still working

games 50 years later.

Attending many baseball conferences in Harrisburg, Sam served as the rules’ interpreter for his chapter. In 2005,

he was inducted into the Department of Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame. He was also honored by the D9 Southern

Section Chapter for dedication and hard work as a basketball official from 1981 – 2009. Currently, Sam is the chapter

secretary and schedules umpires for many leagues spending countless hours on the phone trying to find umpires who

are available.

Sam always says he has met so many good people throughout his years of officiating and attending games. He is happy

when he is officiating or watching the kids play sports. Sam’s favorite saying …..”I call them as I see them, and I would

never cheat a kid!”

Congratulations, Sam, and THANK YOU for your service!