JUNE 15, 2005



On June 15, 2005, the District 9 Committee met at Aiello’s Café in Ridgway, PA.  The following members were present: Mike Brown, Randy Cathcart, Roger Collins, Gary Elder, Tony Flint, Jerry Linsenbigler, Jim Manners, Carla Smith, Aaron Straub, Bob Tonkin, Susan Valentine, and Bob Wicker.

At 9:10 AM, the meeting was called to order by Chairman Manners.

A motion was made by Tony Flint and seconded by Susan Valentine to accept the minutes of the April 6, 2005 meeting.  The motion carried. 


                A motion was made by Bob Wicker and seconded by Roger Collins to permit tournament directors to employ more than one athletic trainer at district tournament events.  The trainers will be paid according to the district’s fee structure.  The motion carried.

                A motion was made by Gary Elder and seconded by Bob Wicker to change the fee structure for athletic trainers to $50.00 for a single event, $75.00 for a double header, and $100.00 for a triple header.  These fees would be paid for volleyball, baseball, softball, and basketball events.   The motion carried.

                Discussion will be held in July with the chairmen of District 6 and 10 concerning tournaments where District 9 teams and athletes compete with Districts 6 and 10 teams and athletes.


                A motion was made by Mike Brown and seconded by Roger Collins to accept the treasurer’s reports.  The motion carried.

                The spring tournament entry fees were reviewed.

                A motion was made by Mike Brown and seconded by Randy Cathcart to accept the financial reports for boys’ tennis, baseball, softball, track and field, and the annual banquet.  The motion carried.

                On July 13th the annual audit will be conducted.  Also the budget committee will meet that day.  The budget committee will review the fee structure for championship events including the fees paid to officials, game managers, and site managers.

                A motion was made by Gary Elder and seconded by Tony Flint schools that owe fees to District 9 will not be permitted to participate in district tournaments until the fees are paid.  The motion carried unanimously.


            A letter was received from Mr. Terry Straub, Athletic Director at St. Marys Area High School, describing a conformation between a St. Mary’s baseball coach and an umpire.  A motion was made by Susan Valentine and seconded by Randy Cathcart to accept the explanation of the incident and the handling of the incident by the St. Marys Area High School administration.  The motion carried unanimously.

                The following informational letters were received and discussed:

                Alan R. Boynton (PIAA attorney) responded to statements concerning calculating the enrollments of schools that enter a cooperative sports agreements.  Also the PIAA should establish separate championship tournaments for public and private schools.

                An article that appeared in the Altoona Mirror concerning the additional week added to the football season.

                An article that appeared in the Courier Express that questioned the selection of sites to hold District 9 and PIAA baseball and softball championship games.

                A letter was received from Mrs. Sandy Florig, Principal of Elk County Catholic High School, defining the schools that make-up Elk County Catholic Junior High School.

                Mr. Bradley R. Cashman’s responded to a letter from Dr. Larry Henry’s (Superintendent in the Karns City School District) to consider a new classification system for PIAA basketball.

                A letter was received from the Women’s Law Project requesting the girls’ soccer championships be unified immediately.


                Once the paperwork is completed Forest County will be moved from District 10 to District 9 on the PIAA map of districts.

                Efforts are being made to grant junior high school membership to the schools that moved form District 10 to District 9.

                The PIAA Board of Director defeated a motion to move the starting date for all fall sports to the second Monday in August.  The PIAA Board of Director defeated a motion to move the starting date for football to the second Monday in August.  The Board of Director voted to extend the football season by one week beginning the 2006 school year.

                A motion was made by Jerry Linsenbigler and seconded by Susan Valentine to approve a cooperative sports agreement between Floyd C. Fretz Middle School and St. Bernard Middle School in boys’ and girls’ soccer.  The motion carried unanimously.

                The cooperative sports agreement in soccer between Clarion Area High School and Clarion-Limestone High School has been approved.

                A cooperative sport agreement in football between East Forest Area High School and Kane Area High School has been approved at the varsity level.  Approve for junior high school agreement is pending the approval of East Forest Area High School’s junior high school membership.

                Dissolving the cooperative sports agreement between Redbank Valley High School and Union High School has been referred to the PIAA office.

                District 9 must investigate the affects of the Redbank Valley and Union cooperative sports agreement in wrestling on the cooperative wrestling agreement between Union, Keystone, and A C Valley.

                The PIAA is considering increasing officials’ dues.

                Schools that have multiple teams at the same level must count the points of each teams competition in calculating the total points permitted for that sport.

                Districts can enter sponsorship agreements with companies and corporations that desire to sponsor championship events.

                There will be no golf rules interpretation meetings.

                The committee was made aware Ridgway Area High School has added boys’ and girls’ cross country at the varsity and junior high school levels.


                A request was made by A. C. Valley High School to conduct a rehearing concerning the transfer of two former A. C. Valley students.  Considering no new information was presented, the request died for lack of a motion.

                A great deal of discussion was held concerning a number of incidents that occurred during the baseball and softball seasons.  Questions occurred concerning rescheduling games, a team did not show-up, umpires did not show-up, and disrespect of the pitching rule.  Further discussion will be held.

                A letter was received from Mr. Ken Coffman, Principal at Bradford Area High School, concerning a Bradford Area High School student participation in an indoor track and field meet.  The student wore a school issued uniform at the meet.  A motion was made by Aaron Straub and seconded by Roger Collins requesting Chairman Manners write a letter to Bradford Area High School requesting more information concerning the athlete wearing a school issued uniform.  The motion carried unanimously.

                A letter was received from the Keystone Shortway Athletic Conference concerning announcing the results of the committee election at the annual banquet.  Election committee chairman, Roger Collins, and his committee will consider the issue.

                A motion was made by Mike Brown and seconded by Susan Valentine to approve Chairman Manners appointment of Bob Wicker as the cross country chairman.  The motion carried unanimously.


                The district committee will select the school/schools that will receive the 2004 – 2005 District 9 and PIAA Sportsmanship Award at the August meeting.


CROSS COUNTRY (Bob Wicker, Chairman)

                The cross country committee met and considered a number of items: the day of the meet, the timing system, the site of the meet, requesting possible sites from school to host the meet, etc.   Since this is the second year of the classification cycle, the cross country committee felt the meet should follow the same format as the 2004-2005 meet.  After this year’s meet, consideration will be given to make changes.

FOOTBALL (Bob Tonkin, Chairman)

                The football committee will meet on July 13, 2005.

TENNIS (Aaron Straub, Chair                                                                                                                                         There may be a request to have some district schools move-up in classification.  There was discussion about the need of a certified trainer at the district contests.

SOFTBALL (Jerry Linsenbigler, Chairman)                                                                                                                               Discussion was held about moving the “early” round games ahead a week.  If the schedule would be changed, schools would be notified a year in advance to make adjustments in their regular season schedule.

BASEBALL (Tony Flint, Chairman)

                Discussion was held about the starting times of games and the problems of fans and umpires have arriving for early starting games.  Another problem is scheduling games around end of year activities.  A question is “what should be consider an acceptable reason to move the time or date of a game?” (Graduation, field trips, award assemblies, etc.)


IF A CONTEST IS NOT PLAYED:  If a scheduled contest is not played, the contest is rescheduled, the contest results in a forfeit, or the contract is voided by a written statement.  SIGNED CONTRACTS FOR CONTESTS AND SIGNED CONTRACTS FOR OFFICIALS ARE EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!




The meeting adjourned at 2:45 PM.


Respectfully submitted,




Robert J. Tonkin,

District 9 Secretary