APRIL 1, 2009


            The District 9 Committee held the April 1, 2009 meeting at Aiello’s Cafe in Ridgway, PA.  Chairman Jim Manners called the meeting to order. The following members were present: Ed Babcock, Randy Cathcart, Roger Collins, Kevin Doverspike, Tony Flint, Jerry Linsenbigler, Jim Manners, Aaron Straub, Bob Tonkin, Susan Valentine, Tim Walter, and Bob Wicker.

            A motion was made by Roger Collins and seconded by Tony Flint to accept the minutes of the February meeting.  The motion carried.



            A motion was made by Randy Cathcart and seconded by Ed Babcock to accept the treasurer’s reports.  The motion carried.

            A report showing accounts payable was presented.

            The financial reports for the winter sports tournaments were presented. A motion was made by Bob Wicker and seconded by Jerry Linsenbigler to accept the reports.

            The committee discussed the various methods to audit the district’s financial records.  Recommendations from the Bureau of Charitable Contributions may change the method of auditing the books in the future.  More detailed investigation will be made before the district changes the present method.

            Website advertising was briefly discussed as well as advertising in the District 9 Tournament programs.



            An update from the March 19, 20, and 21, 2009 Board of Directors meeting was e-mailed to all District 9 schools.  If a school needs more information or has feed-back on any issue contact Jim Manners, District 9 Chairman.



            An updated list of student-athlete transfers and foreign exchange students has been e-mailed to member schools.

            Key administrative items that were discussed include:

                        Six classifications in football

                        Alumni scrimmages and contests

                        Officials’ background checks

                        Coaching education programs

            The fees paid to officials to officiate at District 9 schools were discussed.  Although the amount of money paid to officials is not a District 9 matter, the committee felt various leagues should be the first authority to determine a uniform fee structure.

            The “Request for Proposal” for the District 9 championship plaques and trophies was discussed.  Also, the committee discussed presenting medals rather than plaques.  A motion was made by Randy Cathcart and seconded by Roger Collins to place the “Awards RFP” on the District 9 website and request the proposals for a two year period.  The motion carried.

            A motion was made by Roger Collins and seconded by Ed Babcock to survey schools to find if student-athletes prefer medals to plaques.  The motion carried.



            The committee to review the methods of seeding District 9 schools for championship tournaments will meet in June.



            Discussion was held concerning a radio program that reviewed Clearfield Area High School’s move to participate in District 6 Leagues but continue to be a member of District 9.



            A motion was made by Tony Flint and seconded by Susan Valentine to accept the recommendations for the golf committee  to host District 9 Boys’ and Girls’ Golf Championships.  The motion carried.

            Boys’ Golf Sites and Dates:     

                        2009    Pennhills Club               Bradford          September 28 and October 3

                        2010    Pinecrest C. C.             Brookville         September 27 and October 2

                        2011    Pine Acres C. C.          Bradford          September 26 and October 1

                        2012    Bavarian Hills C. C.      St. Marys         September 24 and Sept. 29


            Girls’ Golf Sites and Dates:

                        2009    Clarion Oaks C. C.      Clarion             October 5

                        2010    Bavarian Hills C. C.      St. Marys         October 4

                        2011    TBA                                                     October 3

                        2012    TBA                                                     October 1



            A survey dealing with potential changes in the district’s basketball tournament will be e-mailed to District 9 Principals.  The results will be discussed at the June meeting.



            The recommendations from the swimming and diving steering committee were presented.  There is a possibility of the PIAA conducting “regional” diving meets.



            There will be a Districts 6, 9, and 10 tournament with various classifications in baseball and softball this year.  Please check the PIAA brackets.



            A motion was made by Tim Walter and seconded by Tony Flint to purchase scales to weigh implements at the District 9 championship meets.  The motion carried by 10 to 3 vote.                 



            Election chairman, Roger Collins, explained the election process used in District 9.  The following individuals were elected to serve on the District 9 Committee for the 2009 – 2010 year:  Randy Cathcart, Roger Collins, Tony Flint, Jeff Kepler, Jerry Linsenbigler, Jim Manners, Aaron Straub, Susan Valentine, Tom Wagner, Tim Walter, and Bob Wicker.  Bob Tonkin was elected to serve as the junior/middle school representative for the 2009 – 2010 and 2010 – 2011 years.

            Members of the district committee explained and answered questions that affect District 9 business.

            Mr. Brad Cashman and Mr. Mark Byers, representing the PIAA, addressed the group.  They discussed various PIAA issues and the amendments to the PIAA Constitution.

            Ms Shannon Eckles spoke to the group concerning the availability of anti-smoking programs available to area schools.



            At the District 9 re-organizational meeting the following individuals were elected to serve as officers for the 2009 – 2010 year:

            Chairman -                   Jim Manners

            Vice-chairman -            Aaron Straub

            Secretary/Treasurer -    Bob Tonkin



            The Annual District 9 banquet followed.


The June District 9 Committee meeting will be held at Aiellos’ Café in Ridgway.  The date and time will be announced.


Respectfully submitted,




Robert J. Tonkin,

District 9 Secretary